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Availability during the lecture period:: Monday to Saturday 21:00 – 00:30 Uhr

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we are there for you also after your call! If you have something to criticize, if you want to say thank you or if you just like to tell us something else, feel free reach out to us via our feedback form. We do value your feedback!



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What is the Nightline Munich about?
The Nightline is a helpline by students for students, we will listen to you. No matter what happened – you fucked up, school is stressing you out, or your relationship isn’t too great at the moment: Give us a call! We will listen.

Who may call?
Primarily we serve students, but anyone may call.

Do I have to state my name?
Absolutely not! The Nightline is anonymous. You don’t have to tell us anything about your person, or anything at all for that matter.

Who will be taking my call?
The Nightline’s members are students working on a voluntary basis. We are not professional therapists – we take your call at eye level.

Does it cost anything to call?
The basic phone rates apply, the service is free.

Who may participate?
Any student or doctoral candidate studying at a university in Munich may apply. However, it would be important, that your language skills in German are sufficient to keep a conversation going and to understand, what the other person's point of view is looking like.

Do I have to file an application?
You don’t have to file an application with us. Simply contact us, tell us about you. You can reach us by mail:

The next training for new members will take place on 7 April (online) and 14 April 2023 (in Person).

What preparation and support can I expect?
As you join the club there will be training on talk therapy which we use in our work. At the end of each semester there will be a supervision with therapist Bianca Beiderbeck. In this safe space we can talk about any situation that, for example, may have eluded our competences.

What can I expect as a participant?
Your duties include phone services and some voluntary work, e.g. PR (handing out leaflets, writing texts, etc.). Any ideas you want to contribute are more than welcome!

Anything else?
Yes! There is a monthly Stammtisch for members – lots of games and plenty of fun.

About the Nightline

The Nightline is a helpline by students for students. We will listen to any issues or problems you might have at Uni or otherwise. We try to keep the inhibition threshold low for the callers. All calls are treated discretely and anonymously. Calls are not recorded. To promote an open and trusting conversational atmosphere, our members receive continuous training. You can find more information on European Nightlines here:

The Nightline Munich was founded in 2010 by Munich’s students, based on the model of other Nightlines in Germany. Our members’ duties are the phone service, training of new members and anything related to the club. The Nightline Munich is a registered non-profit association. We are independent from any confession or institution.

We cooperate with Campus for Change. Campus for Change helps people help themselves in self-organised groups.

Nightline München e.V.

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Donation receipt desired?
If so, please send the following information to
Name, Address, Purpose (e.g. training, team building, equipment, promotional materials or similar), if you do not have any preferences here, the association will choose a purpose.

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